Do you remember as a child we all like to play with our mom’s handbags? It’s a fascination among girls. We all normally remember our first-hand bag, isn’t it? As you grow older, you start investing in different kind of handbags –depending on your need, taste and personality. They enhance your looks and outfit. You should choose them very carefully depending on your style and lifestyle.

large canvas bags

Let’s see different kinds of handbags available in the market from small canvas bags to sling bags.

Shopping bags

Do you spend a lot of time in market shopping various goods then these shopping carriers are perfect for you? These sacks are usually large to withstand a lot of weight as paper packs sometimes become little uncomfortable to carry. They come in various designs and styles, so one need not compromise on the looks while shopping.

Bowling sacks

This is a medium-sized round handbag proving that style never goes out of style. This is perfect to wear to the office and apt for all occasions. This can carry little as well as more stuff as per your need.

Tote –

This is a large rectangular carrier with two straps and an open end. This is one of the most stylish sacks available in the market, from medium-sized to large canvas bags. These are great for brunch with girls.

Satchel bag

This is a medium to large sized with a handle on top to carry things. This is perfect to carry to the office and looks stylish and sophisticated.

Sling carriers

Sling sacks have long strings attached to the side of the carrier. You can easily carry it on your shoulders or across your body. This is why these carriers are also called cross-body packs. Individuals who prefer sling carriers are spontaneous, fun loving and happy go lucky kind.

Clutch -

A clutch is a small handbag that has to be carried by hand. They have very small compartments and can carry minimalistic items. Clutch gives a chic and feminine look. You have to carry less to do more while carrying these carriers.


These are supported by shoulders. It has double handles and lies on the back. These sacks suggest that one is carefree in their attitude and approach. They are very good for travelling as it hangs on the back and your hands are free.


These are clutch shaped sacks with a bracelet or leather strap handles. It allows the wearer to hold it quite freely.


This kind of a pack has a long strap to be worn across the back, but if the strap is small, it becomes a sling sack.

Duffel –

This kind of carrier is usually big and mostly used for travel or sports.

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