"A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir." -  Lisa Gansky

One's existence should be felt either for his performance and work or upbringing. For a business to prosper quality products and services matter a lot that highlight itself the name of the organisation and its existence across the globe. Thus a brand creates inherently. But over the years with increase in competition among retailers, one has to go for different types of marketing campaigns. It could be any medium but the message should be crisp and clear justifying the nature of business. The competition among retailers in UK is pretty high. Every industry based retail business in UK relies on niche marketing strategies where one has to be smart and intelligent looking forward to attract prospective customers at an affordable price. Bespoke branding in rope handle paper bags is worth the money UK retailers spend on promoting their brand name, services or products. In this blog let's run down 10 such UK brands that has found rope handle paper bags an apt mode for bespoke branding.

  1. Blairgowrie Farm Shop

 The Scotland based farm shop, run by Mr. Colin Steele and Mrs Jennifer Hustler-Steele since 2007, has been a popular stopover for every passer-by. It sells fresh produce from farm directly to the public and makes shopping convenience by giving away bespoke paper carrier bags with rope handles.

Source: MIDPAC

  1. Rowley's

One of the most frequented restaurants in the bustling city of London, Rowley's not only take care of quality food and services, but also carry out decent food packaging for their customers to takeaway. The 40 years old restaurant nestled in the posh Jermyn Street serves a range of delicious steak and grill dishes along with a rare collection of English wines.

Source: www.musicmaker.org.uk

  1. Pollard & Read

 The East Anglia based retail brand is a sweetie pie for every woman. It arrays a huge and beautiful collection of lingerie, briefs, hosiery, night wears, swim suits and vests. Pollard & Read is not only an inherent brand for its matchless designs of products, but has also marketed itself across various corners in UK through its branding in rope handle brown paper bags.

Source: www.thisisholt.co.uk

  1. VARG

Located in East Sussex, VARG is a wholesale, retail and departmental store  that  gained its market since its inception with its quality service, stock of products and reception.

Source: www.varg.london/

  1. Indiacoco

The West Yorkshire based kid's fashion retail brand has been an award winning fashion, new business and online retailer. It started late but has gained its popularity through smart and intelligent branding in rope handle paper bags.

Source: www.progresspackaging.co.uk/

  1. Social Wine & Tapas

 Food and wine lovers visiting London must step into Social Wine & Tapas once. It has an a la carte menu of exotic dishes and wines. It also offers private dining and organises tasting events. On the other hand, one can also carry back home in their distinct bespoke rope handle paper carrier bag some fine collection of wines.

  1. Wax Lyrical

Located close to the Lake District National Park in England, Wax Lyrical is UK’s largest home fragrance company. It has a rich collection of fragrances, candles, diffusers, gift sets, oil & wax melts, home decor items and so on. If one is on a backpacking tour to Lake District, a visit to Wax Lyrical is must. One can obviously carry back home the freshness of the environment in Wax Lyrical's classic bespoke paper carrier bag with rope handle.

  1. Avery Interiors

The West Wickham based home interior decor, Avery Interiors has gained its popularity Through-the-Line and Below-the-Line branding. It includes social media networking channels and bespoke branding in rope handle paper bags.

  1. Kingston Veterinary Group

It is one of the oldest brands in veterinary practices that was established in 1886. The Kingston Veterinary Group is mainly involved in treating horses and farm livestock. It also treats pet animals. Of late it has started promoting its brand to reach out every animal lovers across UK.

  1. The Brownie Bar

One of the popular confectionery store based in Heaton, New Castle, The Brownie Bar offers a distinct flavour for every chocolate lover.

Source: theprintedbagshop.co.uk

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