"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone." - Reba McEntire

World can end in itself... but one's life is entirely his choice. There could be instances that can pull you in a state of depression or loneliness and urge you in self-annihilation. But that's a choice of a coward. It's harsh but believe it or not the people around you is laughing at you. Although you can be the luckiest person to have your loved ones beside you in the worst phase of your life but there is a loner somewhere who finds death could be the ultimate choice to come out of depression.

You are at the threshold of Easter 2017 where people around you has started to celebrate with great enthusiasm. Last year Easter you had a great time with friends and family but after a break up, death of one of your loved one or financial crunch you find it hard to celebrate Easter 2017. Such a phase had led you in a state of depression or you might find it best to spend time alone. You know you were the best of all when you were happy and somewhere in your heart it still pounds. Before you kill that too here are 10 smart leaps than can help you to come out of depression to celebrate Easter 2017 with great enthusiasm.

  1. Shop extensively

Shopping keeps everyone entertained unless and until you shop over the credit card limit. That can once again lead you to an unwanted trouble. So before you plan out a shopping spree for Easter 2017 get a checklist done. Shop extensively when you have a pretty well financial back up. If financial worries have led you to life's worst phase, then try to avoid spending over the budget. Look for offers at the retail stores. You will come across people carrying custom printed laminated paper bags or shopping bags displaying ongoing discounts and offers on apparels, jewelleries, gift items, accessories and so on. Go for it!

  1. Unlimited booze

Party hard once in a weekend until it is affecting you badly. Too much of drinking is injurious to health but make sure you don't get addicted to it. It is the best time for you to visit some of the best bar and restaurants or pubs. On the other hand, if you are in UK... visit to a vineyard to taste some exotic wines as well.

  1. Invite the brat

The person who used to irritate you the most could be a saviour in the worst phase of your life. Invite him for lunch, dinner or drinks and engross yourself in some nonsense gossip or acts that can help you in recovering from your present state of mind.

  1. Watch movies

Action, comedy and horror genre films can keep you entertained throughout the worst days. Try to stay away from romantic, drama or war movies as these can partly relate to your personal life.

  1. Participate in a reality event

Reality shows are in trend nowadays. There are events like music and dance shows where you can participate if you are good at it. Then there are adventure reality shows where you can enrol yourself to keep yourself engaged. Participating in such reality shows help you in staying in a lively environment, meeting new people and learn new things. In other words, it helps you in regaining self-confidence.

  1. Gardening

If you are still looking for some more time to be alone, gardening is one of the best therapy that can heal you from depression or loneliness. Start with a small space or indoor gardening by reusing plastic bottles, jute wine bottle bags, colourful flower pots or kitchen sink. Gardening at some point is a spiritual experience. It is an art that kills boredom and improves flexibility, cultivates a healthier heart and improves sexual functions. With Indoor gardening and small space gardening you can also recreate a beautiful and natural home decor which can give you freshness and pleasant treat for your eyes.

  1. Be active in sports

If you are a sports person and were in some kind of sports... go back to it. Play hard to an extent that can improve your skills in your own field. Being active in sports will give exhaustion and help you with a good sleep.  

  1. Eat like there's a drought following day

If you can party hard and play hard... then you won't leave a single bite of a loaf. Once you eat like there's a drought following day you realise you are out from depression. You now have your body, mind and soul to fight back the reality and celebrate Easter 2017 with great enthusiasm.

  1. Travel like world's going to end tomorrow

It is one of the best ways one can step out from such a state of mind. Travelling to different place and to a different climate helps one to stay away from the monotonous life. A vacation to a countryside in UK, trekking in the highlands of Scotland or holidaying in an exotic beach helps in reviving from depression. One can even experience the Easter 2017 celebration in these places and join it.

  1. Pets

If you love animals then owning a pet dog or cat aren't a bad idea for you to recover from depression. Aquarium is another option.

The most important thing is loving yourself. If it's true no devil on earth can destroy you and stop you from celebrating Easter 2017 with great enthusiasm and moving on with life.


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