We all love birthday parties especially the return gifts. Need not say return gifts have more importance than food, drinks or games for kids. Even parents spend a lot of time and energy in selecting the perfect gifts that all kids would love. So why not get creative and wrap return gifts in a way that kids would love to store the gift wrap for life. This would not just add value to your gift but also earn you a badge of creative mother.

We have brought to you some brilliant ways you can bag your kids’ return gift.

Wrapping Return Gifts for Birthday Parties

Personalise Canvas Bags- Bag your gifts in small canvas bags but have these bags embroidered with the names of all the kids who are invited. Use a visually pleasing colour combination like you can use red embroidery over white bag or any other light dark combination. Kids would really be delighted to get their gifts in a bag that read their name. They would keep it and use the bag at various other occasions.

Paste their pictures on Canvas Tote Bags- Another way of personalising is having the kids pictures printed on the canvas bag. Finding individual pictures of all kids and having them scanned could be tedious. So instead you can take group picture from the last birthday party and have it scanned over your gift bag. Not just kids even their moms would love keep your gift wrap safe as a memory.

Message in a bag- You can ask your kid to write two lines about all his or her friends. Trust me they would love to do that. Have these messages printed over reusable canvas bags and put your gifts inside. Friends would love to know the birthday boy’s feelings and thoughts for them.

Handprint the bags- Imprint your child’s hand print on all the bags in different colours both bright and light. It would be great if you use a white canvas bag as a base and make hand prints with multiple colours. This would give your bag a bright effect, something that you can never find in the market.

Add some sweetness to the regular bag- Stick your gift bag with some candies. Ensure that you stick only the candies that come with cover. Glue the candies randomly over the bag using adhesive. No matter what gift you bag inside these candy bags, kids will love your return gift idea.

These are some creative ways you can redefine the return gift bagging of your kid’s birthday party. Kids would be elated to see such gift wraps and many parents will copy your idea.           

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