Want to add some surplus charm to your plain canvas bag? Customising your old canvas can make it new like, and offer it an aesthetic visual appeal which would scream out your special style statement. So, wait no more and add some ornamental touch to an ordinary canvas tote with a customised stencil and monogram. Stock your completed sack with apples, gourmet wafers and cheddar for a valuable occasion present.

The materials you would require for customising your cute small canvas bags are:

  • Canvas tote. An 18" x 13" bag; its measures offer ease while personalising the bag.
  • Paper doily
  • Freezer paper
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Spray cement. Buy it from a nearby store
  • Fabric paint –Fabric Paint in Black would be a great idea
  • Small paint brush for painting and designing purposes
  • X-Acto cut
  • Iron


Steps To Customise

  1. For Configuration –Coat unpleasant underside of the doily with glue (to keep it set up) and press onto the base right-hand corner of the tote, abandoning one-fourth of the doily hanging off the edge of the sack. Utilize paintbrush to brush texture paint over the external edge of the doily (don't paint outside doily's edges). 


  1. While paint is as yet wet, peel off doily, beginning from the sack's base edge. On the off chance that the doily tears, peel off the rest of the pieces. Let dry totally. 


  1. For Monogram –Type the letter you need to use in a word-handling record on your PC. Do it by picking a text dimension that will leave 1"–2" of space above and underneath the letter and the outline. Now print out on duplicate paper. Layer an 8" x 10" bit of paper, matte side up, finished the print out and followed letter onto the freezer paper. 


  1. Take out the printout. Lay freezer paper over cardboard and utilise X-Acto blade to remove the letter of the paper. Dispose of the letter, so you're left with a stencil. Place stencil matte side up on a sack, focused in doily outline, and press down with an iron on the most astounding setting; don't move press forward and backward. (The warmth will somewhat dissolve the paper's plastic covering, so it sticks to the pack for less demanding painting.) Fill in a letter with paint. Let dry, at that point evacuate paper. 


  1. With the press on high, push down on doily outline and letter for 20 to 30 seconds. This sets the paint, so it doesn't fall off when you wash the pack. 


You can perform the similar steps to customise your large canvas bags, all you would need is every stuff in larger measurements, and you are good to go!

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