You have been shopping for years. And you know the benefits of using the tote bags in place of plastic and paper bags. Although the paper bags don’t cause any harm the mother nature, tote bags are still the better option. These are natural, “green,” and reusable. However, the most level-headed reason to count on the tote bags and use them is, they are ultra-durable and may last for years.


Tote bags, being a great option for carrying and keeping your daily stuff, are accessible in several types. Did you know the different varieties of tote bags available in the market? Can you tell the differences among them? If no is your answer, do your fair share of reading and explore now. Let’s get acquainted with the different materials used by most tote bags in the market. Know their pros and cons along with their functionalities. 

Muslin Cotton Bag 

With alternate names as calico, gauze, and cheesecloth, muslin cotton bags look like a mesh fabric. For real it is a plain-woven textile generated from unbleached, partially processed cotton. Although these types of tote bags are somewhat sheer, these bags are sturdy and durable. The only flaw is it may shrink if you washed it with hot water. Nonetheless, it is friendlier to the planet because of the lack of bleaching and processing.

Canvas Bags

The canvas bags are the most basic and the most common bags that we come across. They are by and large made with natural fibers which include organic, traditional and/or recycled cotton. However, certain producers may also make use of hemp or linen.

Whether it is a large, small or medium canvas bag, all have reduced the pollution and harm caused by the usage of plastic shopping bags. This is since they are highly eco-friendly and can hold more products; this attributed to its growth in fame.

Polyester Bags

Polyester is a synthetic compound which is utilized to produce clothing and other products. Their best benefit lies in being more durable than the wool, cotton or other stuff. Also, the polyester bags are less likely to wrinkle in comparison to their counterparts and are stain as well as water resistant. The tote bags made up of 70% polyester and 30% other materials are probably the best of both worlds!


Tote bags are back with a bang! Use any of the three types of tote bags for day to day purposes, and make your life and the world more healthy!



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