Canvas bags are ubiquitous. If you have ever attended charity functions, run a race, or have been a supporter of public television, you probably have got at least one canvas carry bag in your life, at times maybe multiple bags. With their multifarious use, easy availability and affordable price there is no denying the fact that most of us have also bought canvas bags bulk, and have used them for different purposes like carrying grocery and taking them to schools or universities. But you would be amazed to know these are not the only way you can use these bags. Since they are reusable and are quite durable too, they last for a fairly long time. So if you have extra bags lying at home and have been stressing over how to put them to use, it is time you know about these clever hacks.

  1. You can easily store your hats, gloves, and scarf in these bags and keep them in the back of your car during winter. For the summers you can put them inside your closet. Just in case you get stranded somewhere and need to suit up you will always have them handy. Better be safe than sorry.
  2. Medium sized canvas carrier can also be used to store some T shirt, Shorts and other out of the season items. You can also have a bag devoted to beach wears - storing slippers, swim flippers or outdoor game accessories like volleyball, Frisbees, jump ropes or sidewalk chalk.


  1. If you want to give away your children’s baby clothes to friends for their babies, or if you are planning to have kids, it’s always easier to stash the baby clothes inside the bag than buying a storage box.


  1. Another very clever way to use these bags is to store hobby items like skeins of yarns, dress patterns, and quilt blocks, basically whatever you buy in plenty because it delights you.


  1. Teach your kids to put their toys like small cars, dolls, doll house set and legos in the bags. Hang them from pegs on the wall or in the closet to make the room more spacious.


  1. You can also teach your children to sort out their clothes by colour. Use a bag to stash kids’ laundry items. When the bag is full, they can easily carry it to the laundry room. This will help your child to be more organised and mindful of their responsibilities.


  1. Any trash can that is used to store dry items can be lined with canvas carry bags. Canvas is always a better alternative to plastic. Since they have handles, you can easily carry or drag them to trash down on the trash


  1. If you plan to go for a hike or a camp during the weekends or the holidays you can easily store the fire woods inside these bags. As these bags are quite strong chances of them getting damaged is quite less, and you can easily maintain your balance with one arm.
So you see that the canvas bags are well suited for almost every household need and can be used in other ways apart from carrying the groceries to and from the supermarket.

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