Inspired from Bumm and Fratt's creativity on reusing gloss laminated boutique gift bags and matt laminated boutique gift bags into their day to day life (click), Drick's wife, Pree,  started to initiate reuse of various fabrics into various DIY craft projects. Pree is a fashion designer by profession who often play a part in decorating home interior with her husband. One fine day she started to gather some different colours of wine bags and drawstring pouch bags which were made from a sheen fabric material. 'What are these?', Drick asked and in reply he came to know that these products are made from lustrous satin fabric. Pree took out her sew machine and started to join them together to make it a single bed cover. That motivated Drick to recommend her to make a pair of decorative cushion cover adding some beads. Drick started to collect more satin drawstring pouch bags and satin wine bags from their store and neighbours to reuse them for different DIY projects for their day to day life.

Range of Satin Wine Bags

Image 1: Vibrant colours of Satin Wine Bags


Satin Drawstring Pouch Bags

Image 2: Range of Satin Drawstring Pouch Bags

  1. Decorative satin wall hangings

Drick, having a background in technology, was bored of numbers, codes and graphics. On a weekend he wanted to achieve something colourful and creative, which were missing from his life. He gathered three different colours of satin wine bags and three contrasting colours of satin drawstring pouch bags. He then pulled out the drawstrings from every bag. He continued to join the wine bags on top of each other, keeping the mouth on the top and opened. On the outer lay of the outer panel of the wine bags, Drick attached the satin pouch bags as extra pockets and giving a contrasting appearance to create a wall hanging. Drick's wife reinforced the entire creativity with matching threads in her sewing machine and added some extra piece of cloth at the back to strengthen the wall hanging.

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  1. Colourful satin flowers

While Drick was busy creating the wall hanging, Pree on the other hand was helping him by providing colourful satin flowers to decorate the wall hanging. With three different colours of satin panel, cut from satin wine bags, Pree recreated three different colours of roses.

She started with drawing various shapes on the satin panels to cut further various parts like leaves, outer pedals and inner pedals. Using her drawn patterns and after cutting out the shapes she set apart each colours. She proceeded to take two leaves, 3 outer pedals (heart shaped) and 4 inner pedals for each colour respectively.

She continued to fold and burnish the outer pedals and proceeded to hand sew them together. Later with the 4 concentric circles (shape of inner pedals) she wrapped it into cone shapes. She continued to stitch the cone shapes one on each other and proceed to stitch that with the base of outer pedals from inside. She added the leaves at the bottom base of the outer pedals. She followed the same procedure for each colour. Satin roses to decorate the wall hanging were ready.

  1. Glossy satin necklace, hair bow and men's bow tie

Satin is a sheen and glossy fabric material which can be used to make various fashion products. Pree, being a fashion designer, made it look easier to create a satin ruffled necklace for herself, which she could carry with one of her spring collection. She also sewed a satin pink hair bow for her cute little daughter and a satin black bow tie for Drick.

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  1. Innovative gardening with satin

Drick is a pert time gardener as well and he is no way far from creativity. He always look for innovative, inexpensive, effective and eco-friendly ways for seeding and growing plants in his small space garden at the backyard. Satin is a sheer silk material that is 100% biodegradable. Of late Drick is reusing satin drawstring pouch bags and satin wine bags for horticulture. The satin favour bags are great to reuse for seeding, growing and protecting plants.

  1. Handmade satin jewellery box

Pree's daughter had two pieces of gift boxes, which Drick thought to create a jewellery box using coloured tissue paper to cover the outer lay and satin fabric to cover the inner lay. This was one of the easiest DIY satin fabric task for Drick.

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