"Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures." - Tom Peters

Taking control over time is a big challenge for each of us today. In the rush hours we are largely dependent on carrying our breakfast, lunch or dinner bought from a fast food outlet or restaurant counters. The need for quality takeaway paper bags thus got increased. If you are in a fast food business, bakery or restaurant, you need to keep in stock quality takeaway paper bags to retain your customers.

Brown Takeaway Paper Bag

Image 1: Natural Brown Flat Handle Paper Carrier Bag or Takeaway Paper Bag


Natural White Takeaway Paper Bag

Image 2: Natural White Flat Handle Paper Carrier Bag or Takeaway Paper Bag


A talk over on time and need

Need urge invention, which takes time to take a distinct shape and become an essential part of our day to day life. Every individual the other way round is an inventor. And we keep on inventing little to large things. For an instance it could be in the form of art, engineering, biology, numbers or manufacturing.

Consider the invention of notebook today that took shape from ENIAC (year 1946), which is considered as world's first computer. The mastermind behind ENIAC must not have thought of creating a notebook in that period. Continuous experiments, ocean of minds,  quality improvement and thousands of hours were delivered in the invention of a notebook.
Video 1: ENIAC
Source: University of Pennsylvania


Another such invention is light, which owns a rich history that dates as far back as 2 million years ago. Living under the rays of LED lights today, even a freak will not rub stones to light a bonfire. One thing was common behind every invention i.e. "need" for accuracy, speed and convenience.

Such need introduced paper in the 2nd century BC by the Chinese for wrapping delicate items followed by writing in the 3rd century AD. Slowly the use of paper spread across India and Middle East in the 7th century AD followed by Europe in the 11th century AD. Till the 18th century paper was used for wrapping and writing.

The need for carrier bag in the beginning of the 19th century led the invention of first machine to mass-produce paper bags. Further quality improvement, design, layout and procedures led to flat-bottomed paper bags in 1871 followed by square-bottom paper bags with pleated sides in 1883. Later in 1912, Walter Deubener invented reinforced paper bags with handles, which became popular at departmental stores.

Over the years with technological development paper carrier bags got introduced leading to the invention of flat handle paper carrier bags or takeaway paper bags. By 2016 the paper carrier bags e-commerce company, Wholesale Carrier Bags, based in Manchester, UK, became one of the leading suppliers of takeaway paper bags and different types of paper carrier bags.


The Kraft paper colloquy

One of the major resources for manufacturing of a takeaway paper bag is an exceptional quality Kraft paper. It is made of chemical pulp, which has a combination of wood chips and chemicals. The pulp is processed in digesters where the heat and the chemicals break down the lignin. It fastens the fibres without degrading.

Wood Pulp

Image 3: Wood Pulp

Source: International Business Times

Historically soda pulping was the first successful chemical pulping method. Modern chemical pulp is made of Kraft process by using caustic soda and sodium sulfide. Alternatively, sulfurous acid is also used. For producing white Kraft Paper, the wood pulp is bleached either by Elemental chlorine bleaching, Elemental chlorine-free bleaching or Totally chlorine-free bleaching.

In the later stage, the Kraft paper is processed for sizing by using AKD (alkyl ketene dimer) and ASA (alkenyl succinic anhydride) and strengthening by using different types of chemicals. It is then held for binding, retention and coating.

A standard natural brown takeaway paper bag with flat handle is made of Kraft paper and when bleached, it is processed for manufacturing natural white takeaway paper bag with flat handle. These paper carrier bags maintains a high quality Kraft paper of 70 gsm and are 100% biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. At Wholesale Carrier Bags, these bags are available in pack of 250, 1000 and 5000 with sizes ranging from small to bespoke.


The journey from Kraft paper to Kraft paper takeaway carrier bags through machine

After the invention of world's first machine to produce paper bags in large quantity in 1852, by Francis Wolle, continuous improvement made manufacturing of paper bags simpler. The modern manufacturing process of bulk Kraft paper takeaway carrier bags includes:

Stage 1: Kraft paper roll to Kraft paper sheets

In the first stage the Kraft paper roll is inserted in the hydraulic paper sheet cutting machine. In this stage a part of Kraft paper roll is taken for slitting reels of Kraft paper for reinforced top takeaway paper bags and to process reels of Kraft paper twisted handle.


Image 4: Machine for Kraft paper twisted handle reel

Video 2: Kraft paper twisted handle manufacturing machine
Source: Wholesale Carrier Bags


Image 5: Kraft Paper Slitting Machine
Video 3: Kraft paper slitting machine for sheets of Kraft Paper
Source: Wholesale Carrier Bags



Image 5: Kraft paper cutting machine II

Video 4: Kraft Paper Cutting / Slitting Machine for reinforced Kraft paper reel
Source: Wholesale Carrier Bags


Stage 2: Sizing of Kraft paper sheets

Here the Kraft paper sheets goes further cutting for customised sizing.

Image 6: Cutting Machine

Stage 3: Bespoke printing

In the third stage, every sheet of paper goes through customised printing for bespoke takeaway paper bags.

Image 7: Printing Machine

Stage 4: Dye Cutting

Here the process continues with further shearing of bespoke Kraft paper sheets.

Image 8: Die Cutting Machine

Stage 5: Folding and pasting

The entire lot of sheets are then send for folding and pasting either by hand or automated paper bag machine where every sheet of bespoke Kraft paper goes through the process of punching, eyelet fitting and lace fitting.

Automated Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine

Image 9: An automated paper bag manufacturing machine

Image 10: A functioning automated paper bag manufacturing machine with reel of twisted paper handle, reel of Kraft paper for reinforcing top and bespoke Kraft Paper sheets.

It is important to note that rope handle paper carrier bags and twisted handle paper carrier bags goes through the manufacturing process in an fully or semi automated paper bag machine. On the other hand pasting of flat paper handle takeaway paper bags is done by hand.

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