The 70’s are famously known as the romantic era in the fashion world, not because of the quirky prints in their clothes but also because of the new and radically innovative fashion styles. Now, why are we talking about this? The reason is very simple. Fashion moves in a cyclic manner, what goes around comes around after few years, and that too with a lot more innovation and spunk. And we are not just talking about our clothes or shoes but also about our handbags that we use daily.

The canvas tote bags were used by our grannies to keep their knitting needles and their craft boxes or to bring about their grocery home too. However, they could also have never imagined these natural fibre bags gaining so much popularity again after decades. It is uncanny really, to see the amount of canvas tote bags online these days and how they are sold in all shapes and styles. From cheap ones to super expensive ones, we can find these bags on almost everyone’s shoulder these days.

We may be carrying it because we love the feel of canvas or maybe because we are a true supporter of the green movement or maybe because it’s the IT thing to carry and your favourite celeb is carrying one too these days. But those designer totes are exorbitantly priced, and even our best tote bags just don’t look so nice in comparison, so what should we do to eradicate that problem?

Here are some ways to make your canvas bags look dapper and more fashionable-

  • Your simple white canvas bag can be hand dyed into various colours to make it look vibrant and attractive. It is the perfect carry all for the market or your beach.


  • For an androgynous look (that will sweep everyone away with its charm) we can use silk threads or ribbons. Choose a pattern that you can easily embroider on the bag or sew some ribbons into a nice design.


  • For a chic look try hand painting some quotes from famous fashion designers or poets on your plain white bag.


  • For people who like vibrant and hippie things use a scotch-tape and paste in on the bag in the desired Then take some colour spray cans and spray it all over the bag. No remove the tapes and let the bag dry, and voila, you get a colourful cotton tote bag.


  • For making your medium canvas bag stand out, you can use a lot of colourful buttons on it, either sew them on or stick them using a glue gun.


  • For printed designs, you can use blocks or stamps (if you do not have ready-made blocks or stamps you can use old leaves, fruits, or some vegetables) to imprint the bags with your favourite colours.


Whatever you do, just remember that this bag represents ‘You’ and your love for designs, colours, patterns or life in general. So, enjoy this fashion accessory by carrying it proudly around with you wherever you go!





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