Wine bags come in a variety of materials and in different forms. Hence, you can put your gifted wine bags to re-use depending on the durability of the material they are made from. Two main types of wine bags are paper and fabric. Paper wine bags can be plain or printed. Fabric wine bags can be velvet, jute, cotton, canvas, mesh or metallic. Here are 9 different DIYs with your gifted wine bags.

Pass it on:

Most of the times wine bags are patterned glossy paper which are not intended for daily use because of their short durability. Such bags are just good enough for gifting. So all you have to do is, tuck it away for some time in a safe place until the occasion arises. Put your brand new bottle of wine in the bag and happily get rid of it.

Photo frame:

If you think you are too careless and won’t be able to maintain them for a long time, then get a pair of scissors, an adhesive and the favourite picture from your album. Create a customized photo frame for yourself. In the era of gadgets and technology, all your photos are stored in a system that you need to turn on every time you want to have a look at them. Here is an easy way of having one of your favourite pictures in front of your eyes all the time:

  • Remove the base of the wine bag and start cutting along one of the long edges.
  • Lay it flat on the table and stick a cardboard opposite to the side you want to stick your picture on.
  • The cardboard is meant to give the frame some sturdiness. After you stick the picture laminate it and attach another piece of small cardboard behind the frame to make it stand. Or, to make it even easier, stick it on the wall.

Convert it into a gift bag for watches:

 All you need to do is reduce the length of the wine bag depending on the length of your watch. Once you shorten the length fold the top edges of the bag to remove the irregularities. Cover the folded region with some coloured ribbon or tape that matches with the colour of the bag. Then with the help of a one hole punching machine make two holes in the middle of two opposite sides for the string handle. You are good to go!!

Reuse it as jewellery Bags :

Cloth wine bags can become an easy pouch for your trinkets, earrings and pendants without having to do anything to it.

Mesh wine bags for potpourri:

 Fill your mesh wine bags with potpourri and hang it anywhere in your house.

Handmade envelopes with paper wine bags:

Brown coloured wine paper bags are neither durable nor fit for gifting. Don’t throw it away because of that. Make an envelope out of it. You can use it to keep currency notes of small denominations at home. So whenever you are fumbling for change you know where to look . You can also use it to keep your bills, receipts, passes and tickets.


Rugs/table top covers with jute, canvas or cotton wine bags:

Jute wine bags can be made into door mats or table covers for small tables. If it is a plain jute bag then you can create embroideries on it which can then be used as a table top cover. If you are lazy to do then just cut it up and use it as a rug or door mat.

Wall hanging with coloured paper wine bags:

Printed and glossy wine bags can be cut up and used as a wall hanging.


Lanterns with laminated wine bags:

What you need?

  • Pair of scissors
  • Coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Laminated paper wine bag
  • Cardboard sheet


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