"Wine is valued by its price, not its flavour." - Anthony Trollope

People have an unconventional way of thinking that wine is valued by its price, not its flavour. And it makes them to think twice to gift an expensive wine on occasions like weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. But an affordable wine can be more precious than an expensive wine. It can have a rich flavour and if presented beautifully as a gift it can be priceless. You never know when a cheap wine can win the heart of your dream lady if gifted smartly. Then it's not the price, label or flavour. It's the emotion attached to it. An affordable wine is not always tasteless. In addition, not every person can afford to buy an expensive wine but wish to gift a wine bottle to a dear one by not being flashy. Yes, it is possible if one knows the tricks to gift an affordable wine in a priceless way.


  1. Try the ribbon bow neatly

Be it an expensive wine or cheap wine, if you neatly tie a ribbon bow around the neck of the wine bottle and gift it to your dear one, surely it's going to surprise him or her with the packaging first. Try it any time in the year, the day itself becomes an occasion to celebrate. After all, you have endless reasons to drink.  

  1. The combo trick

This trick of gifting a cheap wine in a priceless way often works on special occasions. The combo trick - be a wine bottle and set of wine glasses bought from the flea market or on sale, wine bottle and semi-precious ring, wine bottle and flowers, wine bottle and show piece or wine bottle in a wine bottle gift bag all works for you to be in the limelight.

  1. The ultimate gift packaging idea

Wine itself carries a class and a niche gift packaging increases its value. Laminated wine bags made of gloss laminated paper or matt laminated paper are the best options for an ultimate wine gift packaging. These wine bottle gift bags come in different colours. These paper wine bags itself carry a glam in it that makes a cheap wine presentable while gifting.

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  1. Be an idealist in an exotic location

For occasions like Valentine's Day and engagement or if you are going on a date you must try this trick. Take her to an exotic location far from the bustling city and surprise her with a wine bottle and flowers. Bet you she won't even ask the price of it and you will be spending a pleasurable time.

  1. And if you can play well with words

Wine is said to be a bottled poetry. Furthermore, love makes everyone poetic or creative. Play with some pleasing words and stick it as a note or just say it. Rest you know how time will pass on.

If you have a secret kindly share with our readers.


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