Giving away promotional items is a proven marketing gimmick when it comes to increase your business or your customer base. Using canvas bags with the company’s brand or logo is the most preferred choice among the masses. Not only they are trendy, fashionable but are also very high on utility.canvas shopping bags

So companies order these in bulk when it comes to distribute them in a conference or a convention. But, at times, during the trade or exhibition the turn out does not match your expectation. In such cases the promotional products are not used to their capacity and are left extra with the company. What should be done then?

For starters you order things like canvas or cloth bags that not only have multifarious uses but they also come at very affordable rates. But in case they are left unused, there is no need to worry at all. They are called reusable canvas bags for a reason and following are some super simple steps to help you use them effectively.

  1. Use the extra canvas carry bags as incentives for your sales representatives when they beat a particular target. The incentive will not only boost their confidence but it will also serve as a sign that they are the part of your company. You can also put some nice goody inside the bag. 
  1. To promote your brand, and to clear off the extra bags you can make smart use of your social media platforms. Many companies conduct online contest where the company’s souvenirs are distributed as the prize. This way not only the bags will be used but it will also fetch the follower’s attention and keep their interest in the company and the products it offer. Additionally, the ones, who had not signed up to your official page previously are likely to show greater interest and participation. 
  1. Employees are biggest asset of the company. Distributing the bags among them will symbolize the fact that the company values their employees. It is also an excellent marketing strategy that may interest potential customers to ask about the enterprise. 
  1. It is imperative to maintain your company’s image and reputation in front of clients and customers. The attitude your company has towards public relations becomes really important in this regard. A very clever way to use the extra canvas bags is to distribute them during any public relations event which will also create an impression among the audience.
  2. You can also use the canvas tote bags as a token of appreciation during events sponsored by your company. Another way to use the bags is to fill it with some goodies and give it out as prizes for winning a competition. 
  1. During the closing of any deal, give out these bags reminding your client and your customer how much you value them and subtly reminding them the edge you have against the competition. 
  1. Another excellent way to use these canvas totes is distributing them during or after an official meeting. Pack them with stationery or refreshment. This will not only clear off the stocks but will also be counted as a nice gesture to appreciate the participants.

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