With the origin and evolution of science and technology, the mankind has been benefitted in a lot of ways. No wonder how much technology has helped humankind to develop and flourish, it is quite saddening to state that it has proved to bring detrimental consequences as well. Dozens of environmental problems have aroused because of the improper use of the technological advancements. Well, it would be quite unfair to blame technology on a whole, after all, it’s the human beings who are actually responsible for this. It is the high time that we realize the dangers of these alarming problems and take strict actions to cope with them.

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Major Environmental Issues the World is facing these Days

The world is definitely facing some severe environmental problems these days. Here are some of the major environmental issues we need to curb.


One of the most common problems in the current time is  pollution. And the best part, it comes in different forms. It takes millions of years for pollution of soil, air, and water to recuperate. The contamination of air, water, or soil is considered as pollution and it is one of the biggest problems the world is facing these days.

Global Crisis of Waste Disposal

This is one of the most underrated and ignored environmental problems. Waste disposal is one of the most terrifying issues the entire world is dealing with. Use of non-biodegradable products contribute to this problem.

Global Warming

Most of us are aware of this much-talked about problem. Some call it hoax, others a major concern, global warming is definitely not a good sign for the modern world.

Natural Resource Depletion

The excessive use of the exhaustible natural resources such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas is termed as natural resource depletion. To meet the demands of the ever-increasing population, this problem is growing as well.


Deforestation still remains a major concern for the world. Cutting down of trees for industrial and personal purposes is termed as deforestation and this is one of the major environmental issues the world is facing.

How to Cope with these Environmental Problems?

The increasing rate of environmental problems is definitely not a good sign for mankind. Here is how you can cope with it.

  • Cut down on the usage of plastic bags. You can use canvas bags and canvas shopping bags every time you go shopping.
  • Instead of using conventional sources of energy, use renewable resources such as solar energy.
  • Use public transport to travel instead of your own vehicles.
  • While you go for camping, carry a canvas rucksack instead of bags made from harmful materials.
  • Hope you would have understood how important it is to put a halt on the increasing environmental problems. Plain canvas tote bags will keep you stylish as well.

It is important that we take an initiative towards environment protection or our future generation will suffer more.

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