One day Bumm was ideally observing his son, Fratt, who was busy in colouring  the white part of the panel of a matt laminated boutique gift bag. Although it was dinner time but Bumm all of a sudden assembled some transparent sheets of polythene shopping carrier bags. He then started to join them by heating. Seeing both Bumm and Fratt, Yell (Bumm's wife) was wondering what were they up to. On asking Bumm she came to know that he has got a creative mind to add with Fratt's colourful creativity. By the time Fratt created an abstract art with different colours by using his palm and fingers. Bumm with a sheet of polythene wrapped his son's creativity to make it a placemat for dinner table. Thenceforth Bumm's family started to reuse all matt laminated boutique gift bags and gloss laminated boutique gift bags for different purposes in their day to day life.

Gloss Laminated Boutique Gift Bag

Image 1: Red Gloss Laminated Boutique Gift Bag

  1. When Yell was out on a shopping spree

So there was a weekend when Yell was bored of household work. Few days back she came across some new arrivals at a super mart. In addition she was supposed to fix the heels of her shoes, buy grocery items and visit the parlour. She picked up a bespoke style matt laminated boutique shopping bag from the store room and placed inside two pairs of shoes. On her way to the super mart she dropped the shoes at the cobbler. She bought three spring wears from the new arrival collection and on her way back she collected her shoes, got groceries and visited the parlour. Let's not be surprised but everything was carried inside a matt laminated boutique shopping bag, which Yell reused as a carrier bag.

  1. When Bumm wanted to store his hobby items

After recreating a matt laminated boutique gift bag panel into a placemat for dinner table, Bumm became a freak by contributing creativity in household items. He made more placemats and continued in making paper coasters, wall hangings and lampshades. This became his hobby. He started to store his craft essentials like paper cuttings, glue, board cutter, scissor, wrapping paper, coloured tissue paper sheets and stationeries in a gloss laminated boutique gift bag, which was lying idle in the wardrobe.

  1. Just when Bumm was looking for a laundry bag

Yell started to shout at Bumm seeing him busy with his creative ideas leaving other household work. By the time there were lots of laundry items gathered. Bumm, like a good husband picked up another gloss laminated boutique shopping bag from the store room and placed all the laundry inside it to carry it to the laundry shop.

  1. When Yell smartly carried essentials at work

Since that weekend over shopping spree, Yell kept aside one matt laminated boutique favour bag to carry breakfast, lunch and make up items at her work.

  1. When Fratt wanted to display his creativity

On the other hand Fratt continued to display magic with colours. In addition, he created some glss and matt finish paper crafts like cars, lighthouse, wall art stickers, air plane, pen stand, flower vase, birds, paper boats and paper huts.

Turquoise Blue Matt Laminated Carrier Bags Rope Handle

Image 2: Turquoise Blue Matt Laminated Carrier Bags Rope Handle

Seeing the creativity of Bumm's family Drick's wife Pree started to collect gloss laminated boutique carrier bags, matt laminated boutique carrier bags, gloss laminated wine bags, matt laminated wine bags, gloss laminated gift boxes and matt laminated gift boxes. She searched the internet for some DIY projects and started to teach craft for her children.

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