"I have just one black and white photograph left of my mother when she was younger. She was 17 when it was taken and beautiful with wispy curls and eyes that shone like dark marbles." -  Liz Murray

Often time it strikes the mind that Mother's Day... is it hyped? Obviously we can't overhaul a mother's love, care and sacrifices in our lifetime. And talking about one Mother's Day? Fact is we can't repay even in our presence. But still some of us try to make her feel special that she is someone who has brought us to live a healthy and happy life. She is the angel of our beautiful life who has kept no grudge even if her wound of our harsh words is still healing. What if someone is miles away from his or her mother and has been busy over the years with studies, work or personal life? Are they going to celebrate it by just calling her up for few minutes like an usual day? Or are they going to make her feel way far special that no passport or visa can breach the bond between a mother and her children? It's true that some of us can't express the love for our mother in words or actions and being far away it becomes difficult to make her realise that we miss her like she does. Here are 5 useful tips to celebrate Mother's Day if she is far away from you.

  1. Go live on video

Make her feel your presence by going live on video calling. That could be one of the priceless gifts for a mother who has been speaking to her son or daughter over voice calls for days. Today you have so many  modes for unlimited video calling from skype to whatsapp. Show her your neighbourhood, take her out for shopping and let her choose for you the apparels or spend some lovely time at an ideal location. Not that you need to be live for the whole day. Half an hour or an hour video calling can make her life special. Not just the Mother's day!

  1. e-Mother's Day

What's that? Sounds weird. Interestingly in the online era e-Mother's Day is buying online a gift for your mother from an e-commerce site. In addition sending her a delicious cake and lovely bouquet all through e-commerce. Just imagine her expression when the door bell rings and she discovers a gift packaging or paper gift bags of jewelleries, apparels, beauty products or gift items. The moment will be more expensive than the effort you have made.

  1. Visit to an old age home

You could be one of the blessed persons to think of going live on video or sending your mother paper gift bags surprises on Mother's Day. What about them who lost her? The ideal place to be with her is by visiting an old age home where they can spend good times with women who are mothers still living a life with great hopes. Take them out for a picnic to a countryside in UK, present them colourful gift pouches of goodies and cookies and share good memories altogether to make them feel special on Mother's Day 2017 in UK.

  1. Pen down your feelings

And when you can't express everything in action... don't forget that you still have way to communicate. Pen down your feelings for your mom  if you have the habit of maintaining a dairy. If you are creative and play good with words there's going to be a shower of childhood moments through a poetry. On the other hand, the best you can do is updating a status on facebook and tag her. And if you go by the trend, how about making an exciting tattoo? Cool isn't it?


  1. Take the leap to reunite a mother and her children

Love and blessing all that you can expect as priceless gifts in return from a mother after reuniting her with her children. Today in lot of families you will find children have parted from their parents for days due to personal life or regrets. Be a saviour by reuniting the bond between a mother and her children.

Mother's Day is not only a day to celebrate with your mom. It is also about spreading love, respect and responsibility for mothers who lost hopes from their own children. It is about doing something needful than just creating a hype. In other words, Mother's Day if it's about celebration... be it every day!

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