"There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing." -  Billy Sunday


Every relationship is treasured. But the bond between a son or daughter and mother is priceless. It's fact that none can take her place and we can't even imagine what a mother goes through while raising us. It's never too late and if you are... then this Mother's Day gift her the whole day. Fortunately it is on a weekend so plan it well. You might other things in your mind but here are top 10 things to do for your mom this Mother's Day which you can add in your list or simply follow it.

  1. Wake up little early

Waking up early than your usual time can gain you couple of hours more. On the day of Mother's Day wake up little early to help your mom in doing laundry, house cleaning and housekeeping. Give her a day off on this Mother's Day and gift her peace of mind. If you still have time before cooking for her a delicious brunch make for her a cup of green tea for her to come out of stress.

  1. Cook for her a delicious brunch

Being the best son or daughter in the world you know how to melt her down from the last night argument over you coming late from a party. Good food can kill any grudge and if you can cook that well you got the license for any upcoming late night parties. Remember Easter is around the clock! So if you have good hands in cooking then you have the art of melting down any woman in the world. Cook for brunch for her the recipe that she loves. That could be the smoked ham and cheese pancakes, green rainbow smoothie bowl, marmite eggs Benedict with waffles or shakshuka.

  1. Go out for a noontime show

No school, no work because this Mother's Day is on a Sunday. Hence no excuses, no punks! Book two movie tickets online for your mother and yourself. 'Another Mother's Son' directed by Christopher Menaul and starring Jenny  Seagrove, John Hannah and Julian Kostov in the lead roles could be the best pick for Mother's Day. You still have 'Life', 'CHIPS', 'Beautiful Devils' and 'Beauty and the Beast' to name a few more.

  1. Buy her the dress which she desired for long

She could be old but always remember that fashion never dies for a woman... especially if your mom is one of those retro British woman. She is as fashionable as you are or more. The only challenge is if she is not earning then she is dependent on your dad. Why not you step ahead and gift her the dress which she desired for days. She is beautiful, she is tall and she is slim and smart. What else can stop her walking down the high street wearing a light coloured slip dress or a colourful knitwear over a knee length asymmetrical dress. And this surprise remains to be carried for lifetime inside a Mother's Day bespoke matt laminated boutique gift bag. All eyes on you!

  1. Head to an exotic place

An evening spend on a country side location could enhance the beautiful relationship between you and your mom. Little secrets, little laughter and little tears  could be the most priceless gifts for your mom on Mother's Day.

  1. If music and dance can steal the show

After a treasured evening... soft music and dance can further enhance the bonding between you and your mother. If dance is not in your toes take her to a theatrical show for a pleasant live performance.

  1. Fine wine and dine

You have already made her day and won her heart for a lifetime. It's time to top up with little refreshment and taste. Fine wine and dine at a lake side family restaurant can enrich the moment. The Clove Club in London, Hardwick in Abergavenny, Casamia in Bristol, House of Tides in New Castle, Restaurant Sat Bains and Gardener's Cottage in Edinburg are some of the best where you can step into.

  1. Flashback through an old album

Back at home in front of the fire place sit with her and share the good old childhood days. Believe it or not this might help you in knowing yourself and realise what you were and what you are. Could bring a change instead if you are a spoilt brat!

  1. If a rouge folk can bring back her college days

Play some good songs from the period between 1960s and 1970s before you surprise her with another gift.

  1. Surprise that still awaits

Little suspense and intensifying... be loud to break the silence while you gift her a jewellery or any gift item that fits your budget.

A day worth spend with your mom is treasured for rest of the days coming.

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