Building a retail brand in a competitive economy like UK is certainly a matter to worry about. Often times the small players count on scoring singles whereas the big players keep on hitting boundaries. Product quality and customer service are the two most important gears in this game that can assist small scale retailers in competing in the large scale retail market in UK.

Brand creation is a perk for small retailers to stand firm against the big retail players. It helps the business to come in the eyes of public. And once you leave a good score along with your brand name, the game is yours. So to make your retail brand visible in the eyes of customers is largely dependent on your marketing and advertisement tools.

As a small scale retailer in UK you can't score big till you step forward and hit that hextraordinary shot. Bespoke style carrier bags has played an important role in brand awareness for small scale retailers across the globe. For a retailer in UK here is a list of top 14 hextraordinary carrier bags that places your brand in the competition for the long run.

  1. Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Being in the business of clothes and apparels, if you are weaving your business dreams to spread in the eyes of customers from every corner in UK, twisted handle paper carrier bags are the best picks. It is quite common medium for brand creation among the big players. These bags usually come in natural brown and white colours. In addition it is also available in solid colours that makes it hextraordinary for bespoke style branding.

Twisted Handle White Paper Carrier Bags

Image 1: Twisted Handle White Paper Carrier Bags

  1. Rope Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Quite similar to twisted handle paper carrier bags in features, the rope handle paper carrier bags are a perfect mode for brand awareness if you are in the retail business of shoes and accessories. What makes it hextraordinary and sturdy for your business is its reinforced rope handle. These bags are eco-friendly, lightweight and offer a luxury shopping experience.

Rope Handle Brown Paper Carrier Bags

Image 2: Collection of rope handle brown paper carrier bags

  1. Flat Handle Paper Carrier Bags

The most economical choice for customers is the flat handle paper carrier bags. It is a popular carrier bag with farm shops, deli and takeaway shops. The quality of these paper carrier bags is similar to that of twisted handle paper carrier bags and rope handle paper carrier bags, which are made from chemical wood pulps. These bags can be easily personalised with brand logo, product features or social awareness message to attract customers.

Flat Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Image 3: Flat Handle Natural Brown Paper Carrier Bags

  1. Gloss Laminated Boutique Gift Bags

If you want your brand to rise and shine in the crowd of small scale retailers in UK, the gloss laminated boutique gift bags is what you are looking for then. Its eye-catching and high-end nature offers a lavish shopping experience for customers. It is a perfect choice for retailers in fashion, jewellery and corporate events. A bespoke style gloss laminated boutique gift bag has the ability to make the presence of your brand in high street again and again. These bags are available in vibrant colours and different pack sizes.

Gloss Laminated Boutique Gift Bags

Image 4: Pink Gloss Laminated Boutique Gift Bags

  1. Matt Laminated Boutique Gift Bags

The trick is to pull more customers at your retail store without spending much on marketing tools. Matt laminated boutique gift bags with reinforced top and base is thus ideal for you if you are in the business of boutiques, gift shops and jewelleries. A tailor-made matt laminated boutique gift bag could be a wise brand awareness tool at corporate and social events. These bags can also be reused as shopping paper carrier bags by customers.

Silver Matt Laminated Boutique Gift Bags

Image 5: Silver Matt Laminated Boutique Gift Bags

  1. Cotton Bags Long and Short Handle

At a departmental store, grocery store and retail store, the ease of shopping is with cotton bags long and short handle. These bags are easy to carry, fold and wash. It can be reused for shopping grocery items and perishable goods. Hence making it an advertisement tool for brand awareness is an hextraordinary idea as these bags for life are in day to day life use.

Green Cotton Bags with Long and Short Handle

Image 6: Green Cotton Bags Long and Short Handle

  1. Canvas Bags Long and Short Handle

These are multi-purpose bags for life which is printable, washable and reusable. Canvas bags long and short handle are customarily in use by retail stores, super markets, medicine stores, garment shops and exhibitions. Just like cotton bags long and short handle, these bags have a wide range of colour options.

Orange Canvas Long and Short Handle

Image 7: Orange Canvas Bag Long and Short Handle

  1. Jute Bags Long and Short Handle

Another category of bags for life, jute bags long and short handle is in the thick of retail stores, food merchandisers, garment shops, exhibition organisers, organic growers and book shops. These bags are widely accepted for its sturdiness, durability and environmental friendly characteristics.

jute bag

Image 8: Natural Jute Bag Long Handle

  1. Cotton Dualtone Bags

Be it shopping, carrier bags for daily use or hand bags, cotton dual tone bags with hextraordinary style and design has won millions of hearts across miles. These bags can be custom-made for social or corporate events. Unlike any other carrier bags, these bags with light weight feature are also considered as beach bags and outdoor/picnic bags.

White Blue Cotton Dualtone Bag

Image 9: White Blue Cotton Dualtone Bag

  1. Canvas Dualtone Bags

Bearing a resemblance to cotton dual tone bags, the canvas dual tone bags is quite trendy and fashionable. It creates a style statement for shopaholic and working women. Thus advertising your brand name in these bags surely going to be a treat for the eyes.

White Burgundy Canvas Dualtone Bag

Image 10: White Burgundy Canvas Dualtone Bag

  1. Jute Dualtone Bags

Usage nearly similar to cotton dual tone bags and canvas dual tone bags, its eco-friendly nature, durability and voguishness has replaced the use of leather hand bags for shopaholic and working women. Bespoke style Jute Dual Tone Bags makes a huge difference for brand promotion. Merchandisers, wholesalers and retailers of garment shops, accessories shops, super markets and jewellery shops often make use of it as favour bags or give away bags at exhibitions, events and charity shows.

Jute Dualtone Bags

Image 11: Jute Dualtone Bags

  1. Cotton Gusset Bags

The large capacity and durability in Cotton Gusset Bags makes it an ultimate choice for shopping heavy grocery items and vegetables. These bags can also be used for storage and laundry bags. Merchandisers or retailers of perishable and non-perishable products in U.K. make use of these Cotton Gusset Bags for branding and promotion at super markets, exhibitions and events.

Black Cotton Gusset Bag

Image 12: Black Cotton Gusset Bag

  1. Canvas Gusset Bags

Resembling the features and usage of cotton gusset bags, the canvas gusset bags are in addition can be imprinted for bespoke advertising.

Black Canvas Gusset Bag

Image 13: Canvas Gusset Bag

  1. Jute Gusset Bags

Made from a natural hemp plant fiber, featuring a matching stuffed rope handle and clear laminated bag interior for water resistance, Jute Gusset Bags are widely used for daily shopping. It is largely used for carrying vegetables, grocery items, clothes and accessories. One can even found these bags at events and exhibitions as favour bags.

Burgundy Jute Gusset Bag

Image 14: Burgundy Jute Gusset Bag

By going for a completely bespoke bag you can really go all out to reflect your brand in the long run and to provide consumers with something really useful that they'll reuse again and again. You cannot underestimate the good feeling this generates towards your brand and helps keep it in the customers mind.

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