Wondering how to fritter away time over the weekend? Rather bumming around the house, watching TV and scrolling facebook timeline aimlessly, play a good music and add your creative touch to your home interior with organza. And if you are a family person, what else could be better than passing the time with your kids with some useful DIY organza crafts? Beauty, luxury and glitter all that you need to add spark for your DIY weekend craft project are stored in this thin, plain weave, sheer fabric, traditionally made from silk. Organza today is extensively used by fashion designers, home interior designers and gift packaging industry. You are a step behind them but after this weekend you could be one of them. Here are top 5 useful DIY weekend projects with organza fabric.

  1. Organza hair bows for girls

Your baby girl got an act to perform on Holka Polka at school for this spring 2017! As a parent you want her to look like a princess. You need that perfect pink coloured hair bow for her braid that can only match with her ruffle pink and white ornamental dress. Instead dodging shops for that cute pink organza hair bow, add your creativity with an hot pink organza ribbon to create a hair bow for your girl.

You need a reel of an organza ribbon. Cut two strings measuring 15 cms. Now fold both the strings from both the end to the centre and stitch it respectively. Place the strings on top of each other at an angle of 45 degree from the centre. Stitch it again in the centre. Now fasten a small handmade organza flower in the centre. The hot pink coloured organza hair bow is now ready for your girl. (To make organza roses you may follow the steps as mentioned in the next DIY project).

Organza hair bow

  1. Organza roses for home decoration

Surprise your guests with a charming home decor if you have a house party around the clock. Decorate your home interior with colourful organza roses, lampshades and magic organza curtains. Let your creativity soar with emotions making everyone dumbstruck.

Gather as many as 12x12 cms organza sheets of red, yellow, pink, green and white colours. To begin with draw various shapes on the organza sheets to cut various parts like leaves, outer pedals and inner pedals. Using your drawn patterns and after cutting out the shapes set apart each colours. Now take two leaves, 3 outer pedals (heart shaped) and 4 inner pedals for each colour respectively.

Proceed to fold and burnish the outer pedals and proceed to glue them together. Now take the 4 concentric circles (shape of inner pedals) to wrap into cone shapes. Glue the cone shapes one on each other and proceed to glue that with the base of outer pedals from inside. Add leaves at the bottom base of the outer pedals. Follow the same procedure for each colour. Organza roses for an elegant home interior decor is now ready.

Organza roses

  1. Organza drawstring pouch bags and organza wine bags for horticulture

Gardeners are no way far from creativity. They look for innovative, inexpensive, effective and eco-friendly ways for seeding and growing plants in their gardens. Organza is a sheer silk material that is 100% biodegradable. Of late gardeners are reusing organza drawstring pouch bags and organza wine bags for horticulture. Be it a greenhouse or small space garden at the backyard, organza favour bags are being reused for seeding, growing and protecting plants.

Organza bags for gardening

  1. Organza bridal veil

What else can be better than gifting your best friend a handmade organza bridal veil for her wedding? That could be more precious for her than spending $200 on it to buy.

It is that simple to make if you start early. The certainty is you may not achieve to give that fine finish touch like that bridal veil available in the market, which is either made by machines or skilled hands. But there is no harm in trying although you may have very limited resources.

Gather a reel of scalloped lace, diamond white organza, white nylon thread (micro-filament), sewing machine (optional or depending on your choice of veil), straight pins, sharp scissor, sewing needle and beads.

Firstly, decide the style and length of veil you want to make. A veil can be shoulder, fingertip, chapel and cathedral. Secondly, after finalising the style cut an oval or a circle of organza from one end that is the appropriate length. Thirdly, fold it in half, then in half again and use as many as straight pins to hold it all together. Proceed to cut all the corners to give them a round shape.

Now depending up on your sewing skills, you may proceed to stitch the scalloped lace along the edge with the sewing machine. If you want to apply beads along the edge or anywhere in the veil you may sew it with hand by applying nylon thread.

Proceed to hand sew two rows of running stitch at the gathering point of your veil. Leave approximately 20" on either side of the gathering point. Scrunch the organza up on the gathering thread until the gathered portion is approximately 4" (considering the a 4" metal hair comb). Tie the thread into two knots on either side and trim down. Lastly, continue to fasten a metal hair comb, which you can buy from a beauty store.

Organza Bridal Veil


  1. Organza ruffled necklace

One of the easiest organza crafts is creating an organza ruffled necklace. Firstly, decide two contrasting colours and proceed to buy two reels of those two colours organza ribbons. Decide which one will be the base. The base ribbon should be wider. Consider that the base ribbon is white and the other one is pink.

Secondly, with the white ribbon fold and pin it to about 6-8" long with pinning.  Thirdly, run a seam through all of the ruffles with your sewing machine. For a bit of a kick, you could choose contrasting thread! Fourthly, make another ruffle in a similar way with the pink ribbon, lay it over the white ruffle and hand sew along the stitch. Continue to add a bit of chain to each end of your ruffles. Use pliers to trim the chain to the desired length so the necklace hangs to your liking on your neck. Hand sew this on with a few more stitches. Lastly, you may add handmade flower in the center of the ruffle and ribbon at the both ends of the chain.

Organza Necklace


Hope you have enjoyed reading this piece!

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