Destination wedding welcome bags are a great way to show appreciation to your guests who have travelled a distance and spent a considerable amount to attend your wedding. But so often, wedding favours just get dumped in the trash. Let’s share some thoughts what type of welcome bags guests loved and what are the misses.

Many people put the gifts in the welcome bags and hand it over to their guests on their arrival to the destination as a token of a nice gesture. You can arrange these welcome bags in advance, and the resort can hand over these canvas bags to the guests.

The biggest hits with the bags are the ones which your guests might forget to bring along with them, which could make their trip easy and comfortable.

Tote bags –

Beach bags or reusable canvas bags are probably the best give away to your guests along with some other items. Tote bags they can use during their trip as well as put them to good use in future. It can be used for future vacations as well.

Many companies customise their designs as per the need and theme of the wedding.

Flip flops –

Flip flops are a huge hit as a giveaway in weddings. Out of all the things to carry for the wedding, flip-flops are the last thing in mind. So distributing the same at the reception should be a great idea. Else they can be kept in their rooms also. You can buy flip flops in every colour and size unimaginable.

Shawls –

This is one item which every female likes to receive. Nothing beats pashmina shawls. These are the perfect gift if you are tying the knot on the beach or on any tropical location where the breeze blows. One gets pashmina shawls in every colour you can imagine.

Liquor bottles –

Mini liquor bottles are a great hit in keeping in the welcome bags. But to make it more special, try to find a traditional liquor of the destination. Your guests will definitely carry a memory to take home. To avoid any last-minute rush, buy these bottles well in advance.

Candy –

Candies are great favours in welcome bags whether it is a traditional or a modern wedding. There are so many attractive travel and beach themed candy packages available in the market. Narrow down your choice to avoid confusion at last moment.

Lip balm –

Add a lip balm in your welcome bags to give a personal touch to your favour. Make it personal by printing your name and wedding date on the cover.

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