Even with all the talk about environmental degradation caused by plastic, plastic bags are still a common sight at our homes, shopping malls; local markets etc. Their popularity can be explained by the fact that they are so pocket-friendly. Its users try to defend their actions by claiming that plastic bags are not as harmful as they are often thought to be. They believe that plastic carriers can be reused several times, unlike the paper bags.

Canvas Shopping Bags

This argument overlooks the fact that such bags are harmful to the environment because of the harmful emissions that it causes when burned. Also, because they take such long years to degrade completely, they are a threat to the world. This has led up to a new problem of increasing waste where existing landfills are proving to be insufficient. It is, of course, true that biodegradable plastic bags have made their appearance as a viable alternative. However, the fact that they are not too pocket-friendly has limited their popularity.

Going Green


At a time when civil society awareness campaigns have made us conscious about our contribution to the environment, a desire to do our bit in not out of place. However, the high cost involved in living green presents a major deterrent factor.


There is an easy alternative, and that is to embrace reusable canvas bags. Unlike earlier when these bags were limited to just vegetable shopping, they are now available in such attractive prints and colours. You can even take it with you to shopping malls or even to a lunch out with friends!

The best part about the canvas bags is that you can use it again and again. All you need to do is to wash it after each trip so as to rid it of all germs. And thankfully they are easy to wash too. The canvas carry bags do not need any special care, and therefore you can just drop it in your washing machine rather than hand washing it. Washing is a must for them, even if you feel lazy to do it after every trip. Apart from cleaning any bacteria, it will also ensure that you can use it for a very different purpose next time. For instance, if you used the bag for vegetable shopping in most likelihood you would not like to use it again to keep electric goods inside. Washing it will help you get rid of this problem and make the bag as good as new again!

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