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  • Hot Pink Candy Stripe Paper Bags
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    Hot Pink Candy Stripe Paper Bags

    Hot pink colour represents friendship, affection, harmony and inner peace. It is the official colour for girls. Candy striped bags are a sensation over a large segment of people in UK.  Merchandisers,...
    From £7.22
  • Natural Brown Carrier Bag Flat Handle

    Natural brown carrier bag flat handles are made of typical wooden pulp. These bags are also known as shopping brown Kraft paper bag with flat handle or a favor brown...
    From £13.94
  • Natural White Carrier Bag Flat Handle

    Natural white carrier bag is made from a typical paper pulp and Kraft paper. Natural white carrier bags have flat handle with different shapes, sizes and thickness. Our natural carrier bag comes in three...
    From £16.18

The brighter part of our life has always began with the use of pen and paper. In similar fashion if we see our environment, the better part of it comes if we move from using non-degradable products to 100% biodegradable products. Eating and shopping are two of our daily essentials. Directly or indirectly it largely affects the environment. Often times due to work, travel and social gathering we carry fast food, eat out or call for home delivery. When it comes to shopping garments, cosmetics, durable consumer goods, jewellery, stationary and shoes we need to carry it back home. In what we carry is that environmental friendly? You can reuse plastic bags for sure but once you throw it away, can that be recycled or is that biodegradable? Wholesale carrier bags brings you the freedom to order and shop in bulk paper bags, which are 100% biodegradable, recycled and reused. The best part of buying these eco-friendly paper bags from Wholesale carrier bags is that it is available in bespoking designs. This helps you in promoting your brand, if you are in the retail sector in UK.

Wholesale carrier bags is a hub of variety of paper bags. It houses the Best Takeaway Paper Bags in the world. Along with it, holds a reputed market of Lunch Food Kraft Paper Counter Bags and Candy Stripe Paper Bags in UK and rest of Europe. Across the globe, Wholesale carrier bags has seized the market of Kraft Carrier Paper Bags with Flat Handle, which comes handy in natural brown and white colours. These top quality paper bags are made of natural resources, having crafted with 70 GSM paper quality. It also maintains its thickness and strength to carry heavy items up to 2 Kg. At Wholesale carrier bags, these paper bags are affordably ordered at bespoking sizes and designs. It can be ready available in packs of 250, 1000 and 5000.

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